A new milestone in the history of Anna University, emerged two years ago. A new journey began towards the service path for the society by a young group of robust citizens. We are a bursting group of pioneers having an everlasting vision and innovative ideas to uplift the society towards a new path.

          Before Inauguration of Rotaract Club of Anna University, We people who were interested in social service activities were gathered to form a team without any name and used to do some services such as literacy awareness and technoloy transfer to nearby village students and some Orphanage students in trichy. And we also provided orphanage with provisional things and stationary things.We always used to celebrate Birthday parties in orphanage and provided lunch for them on that day.Our core team members were given an awesome support and they enjoyed to do all these activities.Yeah.,they are really such a strong team hard to find. It increases the confident level of us which leads to think further. And finally it leads to a wonderful platform, yes its “ROTARACT CLUB OF ANNA UNIVERSITY”. Inauguartion of our club tooks place on 21st October 2013.

          After Inauguration of ROTARACT CLUB OF ANNA UNIVERSITY and We continued our activities in the name of Rotaract. Our inspired Person who encouraged our activities in all the time and the person spend time for us in his lots of busy schedules and the person who sculptured us through his smart advices which motivated all of us think further and it steps into many innovative projects. Yes., he was our honourable Regional Director Prof.Dr.S.Muttan. In addition, We were gently guided by our faculty advisor PDRR. Dr.P.Mani., Dept of Physics., through his experience and advice. Then Our team starts increase in strength thereby our thought moves forward and our Club chattered on 28th November 2013, and finally Installation ceremony tooks place on 29th January 2014 in which Rtr.Arunkumar M tooks the responsibility as a Charter President and Rtr.Raj kumar R tooks the resposibility as a Secretary and a team of office bearers are installed on that day.

Dr. P. Mani
Faculty Advisor
Rtr. Arunkumar M
Charted President
Rtr. Raj Kumar R
Charted Secretary